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Explore truth. Embrace intensity.

Live a creative life.


What would happen if you embraced intensity as a strength and used it to live an inspired and connected life?


I’m Christine.

I understand what it means to live from a place of extreme intensity. Most of my life, I’ve been told I’m “too intense, too much, too…everything.” I’ve struggled to harness my creativity, experienced doubt and fear, and walked through my shadow spaces. I even tried to walk away from my creative self and hide my intensities from the world. But here’s the thing – I can’t walk away from who I am and what I’m called to do.

Achieving one’s dreams isn’t always easy. Living an authentic life isn’t easy. But for me, there is no real choice here. I have a massive desire to serve, a calling to create and help others to find their purpose and meaning on the planet. And so, I’ve learned to embrace all that it means to be intense and redefine normal for myself. Now, I am unapologetically living my authentic truth, and I love that I get to help others do the same.

Visit whenever you want to explore truth and embrace intensity. Come and experience inspiration, connection, and transformation. Together we can collectively embrace our passions with unbridled enthusiasm.

New Release

Healing the Heart

Most of the conversations I’ve seen around trauma focus on adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), including neglect and abuse, mental health issues in the family, and divorce. Seldom do people talk about the impact of war, community violence, and natural disasters, like the devastating California wildfires or hurricanes Harvey and Maria. This more global view of trauma—and the similar impact these events have to ACEs—has consumed my thoughts for several years. I needed to understand all of the ways our stress response becomes maladaptive and toxic and explore the many ways parents and educators could help children. Then, I wanted to share the information as widely as possible. Healing the Heart is the outcome of my study. It is a culmination of years of research and practice working with those impacted by trauma, including myself and my family.


Christine's Books

Healing the Heart

"Having been a survivor of childhood trauma myself and not getting any help at that time, I wholeheartedly recommend this book to parents whose children have had traumatic experiences." - Amazon Review

The Caring Child

The Caring Child: Raising Empathetic and Emotionally Intelligent Children is an ideal and impressively informative instructional guide that is unreservedly recommended as a core addition to personal, professional, community, college, and university library Contemporary Parenting collections" - Midwest Book Review

Letting Go

"Solid advice for self-aware teens and those willing to take the time to work through the exercises. Consider for self-help sections." - School Library Journal

Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students

"Fonseca has made a great contribution to helping people understand the unique and too often unmet needs of gifted students." - Holly VanHouten, HUCK Center for Creative Learning

I'm Not Just Gifted

"Ideas in this resource provide avenues to opening effective and meaningful dialogue with students about issues, including self-esteem, healthy friendships, decision making, and academic learning preferences." - Gifted Child Today

Raising the Shy Child

"(Starred Review) Parents who have seen educators minimize their child's struggles as normal shyness, felt herded into one-size-fits-all solutions, or struggled to comprehend apparently nonsensical behavior from bright children will find this comprehensive resource grounding and practical." - Publisher's Weekly

Quiet Kids

"Extremely useful for educators and parents, this thoughtful text emphasizes the many gifts of quiet kids." - Publisher's Weekly

Just released in Spanish! 

The Girl Guide

"There's a bit of genius at play here as the author gives the gift of time to her readers - time to reflection and for de-stressing through the act of creating." - School Library Journal

101 Success Secrets for Gifted Children

"All [tips] are incredibly useful. As long as our educational system attaches labels to children, this title will serve as a useful tool for those designated as 'gifted'." - School Library Journal 

The Requiem Series

"Gorgeous writing, intense characters, edge of your seat action sequences, SWOON and a to die for love story." - Leigh Talbert Moore

The Solomon Experiments

"[The series is] a suspenseful thriller full of twists and turns around every bend. An action packed read that will have your heart slamming in your chest and your mind racing until the end." - Brooke DelVecchio


"A modern Gothic classic inspired by Phantom of the terrifying as Frankenstein." - Lisa Amowitz

Intense Life Journal Series

New Interactive Journal Series for gifted children, designed to support and develop mental wellness.

Be Transformed.

Books, Podcasts, and Courses

Writing is my art. I pour myself onto the page daily, crafting stories, sharing thoughts, and processing my world. Through books, courses, podcasts, and webinars, I bring my stories and ideas to life and hopefully inspire others to dig deep into their creative well and connect with their inner truths and intensities.

Keynotes and Workshops

Writing may be my first creative passion, but few things fill my heart more than connecting through engaging keynotes, workshops, and other events. Whether I am speaking with adults or children, I am committed to delivering a transformative experience that leaves participants feeling connected and inspired.

Coaching and Community

I’m an introvert and spent most of my childhood very shy. I know what it feels like to not belong. And I know how to find a community of supportive humans. Through my coaching and consulting work, I now help others live an inspired and creative life that includes connection and community.

Got questions? 

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