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Self-help and Mental Wellness for Parents and Educators

Healing the Heart

“In times like these, this work needs to be in the hands of every parent and educator” – Lewie Dunn, Georgia Military College

The Caring Child

“An ideal and impressively informative instructional guide that is unreservedly recommended” – Midwest Book Review

Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students

“A great contribution to helping people understand the unique needs of gifted students.”- Holly VanHouten, HUCK Center for Creative Learning


Quiet Kids

“Extremely useful for educators and parents, this thoughtful text emphasizes the many gifts of quiet kids.” – Publisher’s Weekly

Raising the Shy Child

“A comprehensive, interactive handbook ‘designed to provide a bridge between research, clinical practice, and application.'” – Foreward 5-star Review

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Self-help and Mental Wellness for Children and Teens 

101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids

“This book was written for gifted students, what fun it was to read as an adult…terrific book” – Gifted Education Communicator

The Girl Guide

“…an upbeat look at the challenges that face teens growing up today.” VOYA

Letting Go

“Solid advice for self-aware teens and those willing to take the time to work through the exercises.” – School Library Journal

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Curriculum, Workbooks,  and Interactive Journals for Children and Teens

I'm Not Just GIfted

“A welcome resource to any teacher determined to make education relevant and meaningful to this generation.” – Deb Hubble, MiddleWeb

My Intense Life Journal (The IntenseLife Journal Series)

“Great resource to help children develop interactive journaling skills ” – Becca T., School Counselor

Embrace Intensity Journal (The IntenseLife Journal Series)

“I love using this journal. It was helped me so much!” – Jamie T., 6th grade student

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